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Hemangioma Trip 2008

What is a Hemangioma? Essentially it is a birthmark; in fact, it is one of the most common types of birthmarks. A Hemangioma usually grows during the first year of life and then recedes over time—except when it doesn’t.

This is exactly what has happened to the beautiful children that will take part in LWB’s Hemangioma Mission Trip scheduled for early November. These five children have a type of Hemangioma which is considered a vascular tumor. This type of tumor is usually benign but can be fast-growing and cause permanent disfigurement if left untreated.

Dr. Lisa Buckmiller, a world-renowned Vascular Anomalies Specialist at Arkansas Children’s Hospital, and a team of seven medical volunteers will leave for China on October 31, 2008. All of these wonderful people, who will pay their own travel expenses, have volunteered not only their time but also their hearts as they travel away from their children and families to help…one child at a time! The surgeries will be performed at Anhui Children’s Hospital in the city of Hefei, where their surgeons will be invited to observe Dr. Buckmiller’s techniques for treating this type of tumor. Because of the limited number of doctors world-wide that perform this type of surgery this will be an incredible learning opportunity for Anhui Children’s very talented surgeons.

But the real story is how this mission began. Early this year, the parents of a little girl named Nan were desperately seeking medical help for their child for a Hemangioma. They had taken her to hospital after hospital but no one could help them. Finally, in desperation, they took her before their Provincial Civil Affairs Officer and begged for his help. The Civil Affairs Officer, not knowing where else to turn, began to search the internet and found an article about Gong Lu (you can read Gong Lu’s story on our blog www.lwbstories.com and look for Gong Lu under ‘Favorites’). Gong Lu was a five-year-old orphan with a large Hemangioma on her nose who, through LWB and the skills of Dr. Buckmiller, was magically transformed. Once the Civil Affairs Officer read about Gong Lu he immediately contacted LWB and asked if we could help. We discussed Nan’s case with Dr. Buckmiller and the plans for this medical trip began.

Not only will Nan get the help she needs, but throughout the year several other children with Hemangiomas have been brought to our attention who need Dr. Buckmiller’s help as well. I would like you to meet the children of this mission:

Nan—a sweet three year-old girl from Shanxi Province, and the reason behind this trip, who has a Hemangioma tumor on her nose.

Qing—an eight month-old little girl that has a large Hemangioma on her face. The tumor covers her right eye which will interfere with its development and she could possibly lose vision if the tumor isn’t removed.

Shu—a wonderful two year-old boy from Guangdong Province who has a large Hemangioma on the left side of his face and lips.

Ni is just over one year-old and is a darling little girl. She has a Hemangioma tumor on her neck and jaw. Ni is an active little girl who loves to laugh and play.

Yuan is a sweet little girl that had surgery last year to remove a tumor on her head. She still has a large tumor on her face and we would love to help her during this medical trip. She is full of personality and stole the hearts of everyone who was on our medical mission last year.

Please keep the children and our wonderful volunteers in your thoughts during this incredible mission of healing.

To sponsor one of these incredible kids please go to http://www.lovewithoutboundaries.com/SponsorMedicalChild.cfm.

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