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Henan Cuddles & Hugs Home

“HCHH” stands for Henan Cleft Healing Home, but I think it could also stand for Henan Cuddles & Hugs Home judging from the photos I receive weekly!

Baby David-Michael has a somewhat dubious reputation as a “crier”. He cries morning, noon and night UNLESS he is held. Then he very contentedly goes to sleep on the shoulder of his favorite nanny.

He is eating very well, and all that loving is having the desired effect. He goes for surgery this week.

You can see in the above photo that he has been playing with Stephanie, who had her surgery not long ago. I bet he will return with a new smile just like Stephanie did…and hopefully a better humor!

Julie Flynn Coleman is the Henan Cleft Healing Home Coordinator for LWB and is mom to 3 girls born in China, now living in Ireland. Her love of babies born with cleft lip/palate has grown from her many visits to her beloved China.

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