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Henry: LWB’s Featured Child of the Week

Henry needs a future, and education is his hope. In his first year of high school, 15-year-old Henry hopes it will not be his last year of schooling. Living in destitute circumstances with his disabled, widowed mother is difficult, but Henry is determined to lift himself and his mother from their dire situation through education.
Featured Child Henry

Henry’s story is not unique. It is a similar story for many impoverished students with dreams that can be made possible through education. Henry hopes to finish his education and is on the path to success through LWB’s Secondary and Higher Education Program. Henry is in need of sponsors at $20 per month to support him in school. Sponsors will receive quarterly updates and photos on his progress. With your help, Henry will be able to succeed in school and become a contributing member of society, helping himself, his family, and his community.

Henry with his mother and LWB China staff memberHenry with his mother and LWB China staff member

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