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Henry: One Happy Boy!

Henry just oozes joy!

Henry 5.14

This darling boy from our Loudi foster care program with the indomitable spirit is such a little love. Henry just celebrated his third birthday and is described as optimistic, friendly, obedient, and very happy!

Henry2 4.15

Because he has high muscular tension which makes it difficult for him to sit up on his own, walk or crawl, Henry spends a lot of his time observing from his seat on the couch. To think he could be in a crib instead and missing out on being a part of life going on around him makes us grateful that he has the opportunity to be in foster care.

Henry2 3.15

Our foster manager Phoebe says that Henry’s favorite thing (besides hugs) is having visitors come over and sit on the couch with him. Henry also enjoys going out and about in the neighborhood in his strolling, brightening people’s days with his sweet smile!


Yes, he has medical needs — but imagine how much happiness he could bring to the right family. Through adoption, we know that Henry would be able to get the physical therapy he needs to have the absolute best life possible.

Are you looking to adopt a little boy who just radiates joy? Please help spread the news that adorable Henry is waiting for a family!

You can read more about Henry in his previous featured blog, “Hugs for Henry“.

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