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"Her Dreams Were Bigger"

The subject line of the email caught my attention immediately “Mo Xiao Mei Will go to college!” Tears filled my eyes and I rushed to open the email. I laughed and cried when I read the news:

“Hi Maureen,
Good news! The student from Cenxi Mo XiaoMei is admitted to Xinan
(South-west China) Medical College, which is in Chengdu, Sichuan
Province. All the orphanage staff and directors are happy with that. Her
success also encourages other children to study hard.

I do feel the Director is very caring of these children. He seeks help for each child
to get them a chance to get education. He also mentioned that if we can’t help her, please let him know early so that he will seek any other way he can think of. He said with their own ability, they could never have this money to afford her to go medical school. “


It has been exactly one year since I met Xiao Mei (Little Plum) in my adopted daughter’s home city of Cenxi in Southern China.

We had returned to China to adopt out second daughter, also from Guangxi Province, and decided to go to the city where Heather had spent the first year of her life. We had dinner the first night there with former caregivers, Orphanage Officials and the former Director of the Orphanage. We had a wonderful meal and my daughter loved hearing stories about herself as a baby.

After dinner I met Xiao Mei, She had been driven back from Guilin where she is working for the summer. She was very red eyed and tired but wanted to meet us.

She was working to save money for her care at the orphanage for next year as she had decided to repeat the 12th grade and take her college boards again in an attempt to get into medical school. She had been accepted into a college for Teachers but her dream and goal was to be a Doctor.

The orphanage would no longer get funding for her care but they want to give her this chance to improve her scores and achieve her goals. They were allowing her to stay by paying for her room and board.

The Orphanage staff told us that she was a good girl and example to hold up to the younger school aged children. They hoped she could receive help to fund her education if she is admitted to a medical college. It was clear that they cared deeply for her and were hoping that I could find a way to help.

Xiao Mei was very sweet and spoke English well. She had grown up in the orphanage and I was impressed by her determination to achieve the goals she had set for herself. It would have been easy for her to accept the position at the teacher’s college but her dreams were bigger and she was willing to work hard to achieve them. I vowed I would do my best to find a way to help her if she was accepted to Medical School.

Older children in the orphanages have taken my heart since I first started working with Love Without Boundaries on the Cleft Mission in 2005. Each child I was able to meet will remain in my heart forever.

I sponsor a teenaged boy in High School through the Mama’s Wish Program with Love Without Boundaries. I immediately wondered if they would help me raise the money to send Xiao Mei to Medical School. I sent off excited emails announcing Xiao Mei’s successful college board results and happily I received excited emails back!

Xiao Mei will be added to the education sponsorship page on the website at Love Without Boundaries. Donations can be made by going to the website and clicking on her picture. Sponsors will receive quarterly reports on her progress and the knowledge that they have truly changed a life.

Thank you sincerely for helping this young lady achieve her dreams,
Maureen Brogan

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