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Hercules Goes to School

An important milestone in a child’s life is when they go off to school. This past week Samuel (a.k.a. Hercules) went to his very first day of kindergarten. Hercules is no stranger to LWB supporters as he has been a special boy that has received services from many LWB programs. His baby picture was provided by our nutrition program and we are happy today to share the picture of his first day of school.

I love the white sweater that his foster family sent him off in and I love even more the twinkle in his eye that he has continually shown us.

Samuel is fully sponsored to attend kindergarten, but he has pals that are waiting. Patrick, Benjamin, Timothy and Jared are all eager to attend too.

If you are interested in supporting a friend to Hercules, please visit our website at:


Missy Ridley
Education Director
Love Without Boundaries

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