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One big change in any family’s life when they welcome a child is the sheer amount of stuff that comes with that child.

2014-5-5 Tummy Time (5)

Bottles, diapers, clothing, toys, and equipment of every shape and size require a lot of storage space.  LWB’s Anhui Healing Home (AHH) has been caring for babies since 2008.  This healing home is set up in a cozy home-like setting with three bedrooms, a bathroom, and a kitchen.


After dozens of babies passed through our doors, the AHH staff realized that they needed some storage improvements to keep important items used to care for the babies close at hand and yet out of the hands of the babies. We recently installed new cabinetry in AHH to improve efficiency for the nannies and safety for the babies.  Please take a tour with us and Winston, our very handsome and willing model!


This cabinetry included a new sturdy changing table to provide all necessary supplies to the nannies while keeping the baby safe.


A new shoe cabinet to keep all those dirty, but so interesting shoes out of the hands of little ones.  (This busy little one photobombing this shot happens to be Linda, perhaps hoping to try on some new footwear).


Overhead cabinets in each bedroom keep linens and clothing out of the way of busy babies like Winston and yet close at hand.


Hooks in both bedrooms and bathrooms allow linens to dry and stay out of the way.  (No, Winston, it’s not bathtime yet!)


Lastly, the nannies really appreciate the new formula station in the bathroom which keeps all necessary supplies close at hand to make those bottles quickly.  Hungry little tummies just can’t wait!


Winston’s tummy is now full, and he is a happy camper!

We are grateful for the support of our sponsors for projects both little and big that make a significant impact on the daily lives of children in our care like Winston and Linda.

We would appreciate donations in support of this project which has allowed our staff to continue to care for medically fragile children for a long time to come.  Donations can be made through our Special Projects General Fund. Please include a note indicating “AHH Improvements.”  All donors will receive a full report with many photos of the improvements at AHH.

On behalf of the babies and nannies of AHH, we thank our supporters for making our home a safe and happy place!

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