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Honor Roll

Just like here in the US, grade cards come home at the end of a term. Three of the tutoring students at Believe in Me Huainan, Anhui received excellent marks! Zoe, Michelle, and Anna received 94 to100s in Chinese and two of the girls received the same scores in math. Personally, I find this an incredible testament to how children living in an institution can overcome significant obstacles. Following is a note on the three girls from our school manager:

“Twinkle, twinkle, little stars
Looking into the sky, a boy is wondering by the window
Moon in the sky
How far are you?
Twinkling stars
How can I count you all?
Floating clouds
How would you become rain?

Right now, Zoe is reading a poem entitled “I Want to be a Scientist”. With one hand supporting her chin, she is devoting all her attention to reading. She likes using her head and likes asking and answering questions.

Michelle is an outgoing girl and ready to smile. She likes all kinds of games and is good at telling interesting stories.

Anna is a very good girl. She is kind hearted. Once she was out with an Ayi on a bus, she saw an aged granny with a crutch trying to get on bus. Seeing this, Anna offered her seat to the granny.”

Zoe, Michelle, & Anna, GREAT JOB and KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! We are so proud of you.

Education is so important and, because of our wonderful sponsors and donors, the gift of education is deeply appreciated.

Sandy Hartman

Believe in Me Huainan, Anhui Coordinator

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