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Hooray for Heidi

In early spring of 2013, we received a call from an orphanage in Jiangxi province. They had admitted a tiny baby girl with complex heart disease who was fighting for her life.  We immediately made plans to move the baby (whom we named Heidi) to one of the top pediatric heart hospitals in China.  Most of the babies we move out of province travel by train, but in this case Heidi was just too fragile.  It was arranged for her to go by private car, with both an IV and oxygen bag, as her situation was truly critical.


As soon as she arrived to the hospital, nurses and doctors began emergency medical intervention.  They told us she had been born with Transposition of the Great Arteries, a serious heart condition which required immediate surgery.  She was scheduled for open heart surgery the next morning.


All of us cheered when Heidi came through the operation with flying colors, and this beautiful little girl started showing everyone the strength she had inside.   We moved her from the hospital to our Heartbridge Healing Home so she could fully recover, and that is where she has lived for the last year.

Heidi_20130422_3091 (1)

Just this week, we learned that little Heidi has been CHOSEN – one of our absolute most favorite words with the work we do.  Sometime in July, her parents will travel to China and sign the legal papers to make Heidi their daughter forever.   It is what each of us work for each day – these wonderful moments when a life is truly transformed.

Heidi’s healing was only possible because of wonderful people just like you.  We send our deepest thanks to everyone who supports the children in our programs. Her chapter with us is about to come to a close – but now her entire life is in front of her.  Hooray for Heidi!  And hooray for every person out there who steps up to make a difference for children in need.


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