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Hooray for Me!

“Look into my eyes as I attempt to swallow my own feet!”

It is such a joy to see this impish grin on little Kathy’s face. Kathy came to Heartbridge in July after having been through two difficult surgeries, and for awhile Kathy was not interested in food at all. We we all very concerned about her. Now, however, she seems to have discovered her appetite….and her own flexibility as well! Kathy amuses the nannies with her acrobatics. Mona, our Heartbridge RN, tells us, “She likes to lie in her rocker, play with her hands and raise her legs up and down, over and over.” Surely these exercises will help Kathy to have some pretty good abs!

“And one and two and one and two….”

We’re so pleased with her progress this month and feel confident that she will grow stronger with time. Our thanks go out to everyone who helped with Kathy’s surgeries and her Heartbridge sponsorship. You have made such a difference in her life!

“Hooray for me!”

Jan Champoux is Heartbridge Coordinator for Love Without Boundaries Foundation. She lives in Nebraska, USA with husband Rob and four children. Jan and Rob have a son and daughter in college, and also a son adopted from Korea, and a daughter adopted from China, both of whom are in the fifth grade.

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