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Hope and Help for Jacob’s Eye

Little Jacob is only three years old. When he arrived at his orphanage, he had clearly suffered a serious injury which sadly impacted his precious eyesight.


Jacob’s orphanage contacted us to see if we could help, and we arranged for Jacob to be taken to Xinhua Hospital to see an eye expert. The doctor felt that they need first to do plastic surgery to make Jacob’s eyelids able to open and close. Following the plastic surgery, they can then attempt to do a corneal transplant. Right now, it is still uncertain how much of Jacob’s sight in that eye can be restored as it depends upon if the vision nerves are still intact.

Jacob spent this past weekend in the hospital and was very busy checking the place out.


He has a new nanny who is able to stay in the hospital with him. Fortunately, he likes her very much and listens well to what she tells him

Jacob2 7.20.15

We want to give Jacob every chance to see if his vision can be restored. Donations in any amount towards Jacob’s medical care would help us give him the best possible medical care.

Jacob2 7.15

Jacob’s first eye surgery is scheduled for this week. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers as we are sure that despite having a loving nanny by his side, he is feeling quite anxious and uncertain.

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