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Hope for Chuan

LWB first met Chuan at the beginning of the year. This 12 year old boy had been born with a spinal tumor, and sadly, his operation did not go well when he was a baby, and because of that he spends most of his time in a wheelchair.
We helped arrange for him to be transferred to Shanghai Children’s so that Dr. Bao, the head of pediatric neurosurgery there, could examine him. The trip to Shanghai on the train was a hard one for him and his caregiver as neither had been that far away from home before, but our facilitator in Shanghai was so touched by how Chuan worried more about his aunty than himself, making sure she was doing well on the trip.
Chuan’s surgery took place two days ago in Shanghai, and it was a very long and difficult one. In fact, it was such a long surgery that one of the OR assistants actually fainted in the middle of the case from standing so long. But at the end of the surgery, Dr. Bao shared the wonderful news that the original failed surgery had not destroyed Chuan’s nerves. Instead, scar tissue had bundled them all together causing him weakness. Dr. Bao spent hours delicately separating each nerve, and he feels like the surgery went very well. We are all praying that this child will regain some of the strength in his legs following this operation.
Everyone who has met Chuan has been touched by his sunny disposition and ready smile. His life has not been easy at all, and yet he has learned to find joy in everything possible, such as the simple act of meeting someone new. We were all so humbled to learn that he said coming to Shanghai was one of the happiest days of his life because he was so grateful for even being given a chance at another surgery to be healed.
Chuan has been unable to go to school since he is in a wheelchair, but we are all praying he can become strong enough to attend school in the future. This determined and good natured young man has touched all of our hearts, and we would be so appreciative if you would join us in our prayers that he can begin to walk again.

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