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Hope for John

Hope for John 11.13

We just want to thank everyone, all around the world, for opening up their hearts to John, the little boy we featured in the blog, “John’s Only Hope” a few weeks ago.  John is desperately in need of a permanent home so he can get access to the medical care that he needs, and so many of you wanted to help make that a reality by donating towards his adoption expenses.  As of today, John now has an adoption assistance grant available of $7,787.   Isn’t that incredible?


Just yesterday we received confirmation that a family has  filed their formal Letter of Intent to make him their son!  Please keep this beautiful little boy and his waiting family in your thoughts and hope that they will be united soon.  Just imagine John’s joy when he hears that he has been chosen!  He will finally have a forever family and be able to fulfill his dream of learning and attending school.  For a little boy who was losing his spirit, this news will bring so much hope.


Thank you all for believing that every child’s life is so important.  This little boy found his forever family because all of you cared enough to share his story.  We are so grateful!

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