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Hope for Nancy and Her Family

Nancy’s father is a farmer with an elementary school education. Although he works hard at farming, their income is minimal and is dependent on the weather and crop prices. Nancy was often sick as an infant and required multiple hospitalizations, putting a huge financial strain on this family.


After repeated hospitalizations for illnesses, her parents took her to two different hospitals for tests to determine why she was always so ill.


Finally, Nancy was diagnosed as having a congenital heart defect known as a VSD, which can be easily fixed with a surgery. However, the repeated hospitalizations and tests had drained this family’s finances. Knowing that they needed to raise money for Nancy’s surgery, both of her parents redoubled their efforts at working and raising money. Unfortunately, Nancy’s condition continued to deteriorate, and the doctors said that she could no longer wait for her heart surgery.


The family turned to LWB’s Unity Initiative for help with Nancy’s surgery so that she could have her life-saving surgery immediately. Nancy’s father wrote that they had worked hard to raise the money, but that his daughter’s situation could not wait and now he had to ask “kind people around the world to help; help to save my innocent sick daughter’s life.”

Thanks to the Unity Fund’s generous donors, Nancy was able to have her surgery. Her post-surgery recovery was uneventful, and she was discharged eight days later to very happy, relieved parents.

SONY DSCNancy and her mother

We are so happy that Unity Initiative was able to play a part in Nancy’s healing, and we wish Nancy and her family the best in the future.

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