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Hopeful Hal: LWB’s Featured Child of the Week

Baby Hal truly is a miracle! This baby has looked death in the face several times already, and he is still fighting. Doctors have said, “He cannot survive,” and he has.

Hal, which means “strength,” is a newborn who was likely abandoned because he was born with a life-threatening intestinal malformation. The local hospital did his first surgery, but then Hal took a turn for the worse and the doctors didn’t think he would survive. A local nurse that works with Hal’s orphanage contacted LWB, and he was immediately moved to a pediatric hospital in Shanghai.

The doctors there took one look at this little boy and moved him for an emergency surgery in order to save his life… for a second time. Hal’s surgery went well, but he is battling a serious infection and both of his lungs have partially collapsed; so he is on a ventilator to help him breathe. The doctors are very hopeful that Hal will be able to beat this infection and his life will be saved a third time!

Hal has fought so hard to live, and he needs our help to continue this fight. His ICU treatment is quite expensive. If you are able to fight this battle alongside Hal, your donation in any amount will be greatly appreciated.

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