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How Many Kids Will Our Auction Help?

Our annual “Born in My Heart” Art Auction on eBay was held from April 23 to 28, and was a huge success!

By the second day of the auction, the total bid amount was already enough to fully fund heart surgeries for two children – Lacy, a beautiful child in Guilin; and Maria, a sweet girl in our Sanmenxia Foster Care program.

On Sunday, our medical team received word that one child, Mei from Anhui, was doing worse. She was pale and had trouble breathing. A quick check on the auction total showed that we could now also help Mei. We were relieved to inform our China Medical staff right away that Mei was funded and able to have surgery.


We were so excited that the auction was going to help heal 3 children!

But then…..people kept bidding and bidding, and by Tuesday morning it was evident that we would be able to help ANOTHER child: Joshua, a 1 year old with Down’s Syndrome and a complex heart defect. He is adored by his foster family. I can’t wait to let them know he will soon be healed.

In the end, the auction proceeds (100% of which go to the children) reached a total of $21,675. Wow!

These 4 children will soon receive life-saving heart surgery thanks to your support, what a huge blessing! Thank you to everyone who donated items, gave their time, spread the word and of course, bid on all the wonderful items! We are so grateful for your support.

Laura Baldwin is the Medical Program Director for Love Without Boundaries. She lives in Texas with her three children, Elise (Vietnam), Grace (Vietnam), and Julie (Guangdong Province).

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