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Huck: LWB’s Featured Child of the Week


Huck, named after a favorite book character by one of our volunteers, came to the attention of our Medical Team just one month ago. His orphanage was very concerned about his inability to gain any weight as well as a rapidly growing tumor on the left side of his neck.


We knew time was of the essence so we moved him to a top children’s hospital in Shanghai for an evaluation. Between tests and examinations Huck dazzled everyone at the hospital with his big, beautiful eyes and long lashes!

Huck 6.24.15

But Huck was frighteningly thin for eight months old and was  coughing and vomiting. He was not a happy boy. The doctors soon discovered Huck had several infected lymph nodes in his neck along with a serious infection around the tumor.

The doctors also discovered a scar on his neck they speculate may have been from a previous surgery before he was abandoned. The doctors treated the infection and feel Huck will need to have the tumor surgically removed, but first he needs to gain strength and put on some weight.


We were able to get Huck a dedicated nanny while he was in the hospital, and he really began to perk up and thrive with some one-on-one attention. He likes his nanny to walk around and take him places and even grew strong enough under her care to hold a bottle on his own! We’re happy to see his appetite return.


Because of the tumor, believed to be a hemangioma, feeding Huck is very tricky. So we are sending him to our Anhui Healing Home where he will be given the specialized care and attention necessary to gain weight and grow strong enough to return to the hospital as soon as possible for his surgery.


Huck has sure had a rough start to his life, but we see a lot of promise in those beautiful eyes and we are so thankful to have the opportunity to do all we can for this baby.

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