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Hudson: A Success Story

Hudson smiled his way into our hearts in April 2010 when we were notified after he arrived at the orphanage very sick with pneumonia. He was hospitalized and treated for the pneumonia, but the doctors discovered he had a heart defect known as PDA (patent ductus arteriosus). Despite his illness, Hudson always had a beautiful smile on his face for the camera.

Smiling Hudson at hospital

As soon as Hudson was strong enough, he was moved to the hospital to have his heart repaired. In early June Hudson had successful heart surgery and was even described as “quite strong” by the doctors. Hudson was able to be discharged directly into LWB’s Foster Care Program, where he received post-op care in a family setting. Unfortunately Hudson began having digestive problems in the fall following his surgery, and so he endured yet more tests and evaluations while the doctors tried to find a cause. His foster mother began feeding him in small amounts several times a day, and this seemed to help relieve some of the discomfort. LWB’s Orphanage Assistance Program provided nutritious formula to help him gain weight. And Hudson continued to smile.

Hudson still smiling

Imagine our smiles when we learned that Hudson was adopted just this last spring and is transitioning beautifully into his very own family. Hudson’s joyful nature can now blossom with the love of his forever family and a home to call his own. Thank you, Hudson, for giving us so many reasons to smile. We wish you a joy filled life with your beautiful family!

Hudson smiling with his own family

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