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Hugs for Henry

Henry smiling

Henry is a handsome two-year-old boy who has been a part of our Loudi foster care program for a little over a year. Although his needs are complex, Henry has the most beautiful smile and is so full of joy!

Henry 5.14

Nothing makes Henry smile bigger then when visitors come over to his foster home! He especially loves when our foster care manager comes and pats his head and talks to him. Neighborhood children often come over to play and Henry smiles with delight while watching them from his spot on the couch.

Henry 1.14

Henry also LOVES to be hugged! Over the summer, it was very hot in his apartment as it is on the eighth floor. Henry’s foster sister said Henry kept wanting hugs from her but eventually she needed a break because it was too hot!


Henry has high muscular tension, making it difficult for him to sit up on his own, walk or crawl. He receives lots of attention throughout the day from his foster mother and older foster sister. Henry knows his name and will respond with a smile when it is called out. Although he does not speak many words, he does have many conversations with his foster family by babbling.

Henry 7.14

Henry is delayed in his development and was born with a Ventricular Septal Defect, external hydrocephalus, mild anemia, and hypothyroidism. He will need a family that has time to tend to his medical needs. Although Henry cannot speak and tell us this, we think he would also want a family that has lots of time to give him hugs!

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