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Humble Jacob

Jacob is not quite seven, but in some ways he’s seems more mature than a child of just seven years. He is reportedly helpful, a good listener, answers questions in class and loves every activity at school. We are quite impressed!

Jacob is a timid boy. He is known to blush at a hint of criticism or any amount of praise. His answers to questions are thoughtful and insightful. In a recent report from the Believe in Me teachers, it was mentioned how he painted a house with four windows instead of copying the teachers example of a house with just one window. When asked why his picture had so many windows, Jacob replied, “Our classroom has many windows, doesn’t it?”, showing not only his creativity but also his ability to apply knowledge to new situations.

This young man has energy to spare and runs alongside the other children, even though running is a bit more challenging for him since he has a congenital hip deformity. The Believe in Me teachers who work with him never fail to notice his humble personality and find him to be a delight. Jacob is available for adoption, and we hope that this special little boy and his special family are matched to one another soon. Jacob seems to have so much to offer, and we can all take so me advice from this humble young man.

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