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Hunan PT Camp – Day Three

An update from Tingting:
We reviewed 3 Changde kids today and 3 kids who traveled all the way with their ayis from Xiangtan orphanage.

The Xiangtan babies are so big and so cute! They are all under age 2 and they are all chubby. I kept wondering why babies from southern Hunan all have chubby round faces–you just want to hug them. I am very touched by their ayis and the orphanage worker who came with them. They all listened so carefully. They know so much about their kids and want so much info to help their children to get better. You can see and feel how badly they want the kids to get better. When we finished reviewing these 3 kids, they asked if we could summarize again our recommendations by bringing each child back to the PT room. They are such lovely and caring people.

Dr. Zhang also taught the ayis and PT doctor how to do hand massage. The ayis immediately started massaging the kids to make sure they understood the technique. It is really touching to see how eager they are to learn anything which might help the children. Whenever we worked on a child, we were surrounded by so many orphanage staff carefully listening, asking questions and taking notes. They are so eager to apply any new therapies right away.

Once again, another very productive day. We have so much fun as a team as well because every one has a pleasant personality and is very easy to work with. Everyone has the best interest of the kids at heart and shares the same goals. We joke a lot and laugh a lot together, but everyone is intensely motivated to help the kids as much as possible!


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