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I Love School

I just love the first day of school. There are new clothes, new school supplies, and the excitement of meeting the teacher. I remember this so clearly. Our students in China feel the same way.

When the reports came in for the month of September, I loved reading about Yang. She is such a sweet child. She is age seven and is always seen smiling with her foster sister, Julie.

Yang loves going to school. She was so excited about the first day of school. She had laid out her clothes the night before. She checked and double-checked the contents of her new backpack. She kept asking her foster mom when it would be time to go to school. Finally, the first day of school arrived. She woke up extra early, put on her best shoes and clothes, put on her backpack, and asked her foster mom to please walk her to school. The only problem was that it was a few more hours until school opened.

Yang’s excitement about attending school is so heart-warming. If it weren’t for her very special sponsor, this likely would not be an option for her. She wouldn’t know the excitement of the first day of school or the excitement of getting back her homework with a big red star on it.

Here are Yang and Julie with their classmates. Look at those smiles. This is what education sponsorship brings to the lives of the children in Lu’An.

Pam Moore
Lu’An and Dingyuan Education Coordinator

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