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I Want To Be A Dentist

At 17, Tim is the oldest student in the Kaifeng Education Program. His progress and hard work have set a wonderful example for the younger students. Last year, Tim was accepted into a vocational school for dentistry, which consists of 3 years of vocational school and 2 years of college.

This term, Tim is learning general information about teeth, including how to draw teeth and engrave models in wax. Here is an example of one of Tim’s carvings.

The more involved Tim gets with his major, the more encouraged he is about achieving success and having a wonderful future. Tim’s progress and determination are very inspiring. We know that he will make an excellent dentist some day!

Christine Melloh is Kaifeng Education Coordinator for Love Without Boundaries Foundation. She lives in Florida, USA, with her husband ,Tim. As they await the referral of their first child, she is enjoying getting to know the LWB kids and the culture of China.

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