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“I’ll Always Be Your Son, and You’ll Always Be My Dad”

This blog is written by Tim Sanford, an “LWB Dad.”   Tim adopted Jaden, who was in our medical program as Christopher.

Jaden and Tim

Jaden came home January 2013 at the age of 3 ½. He celebrated his 5th birthday just a couple of weeks ago, and last week we celebrated his 500th day in our family. He has really thrived at home.

It has only been recently that he has started talking a little bit more about his time as an orphan, and the most common way he describes it revolves around feeling “alone.”  He tells us “I am very happy that you came to get me, and I’m glad you didn’t leave me alone any longer.”  He did tell us once, “I’m glad you got me, but why did it take you so long to find me?” … which was heart-warming and heart-breaking at the same time. Another comment that always gets me is, “I’ll always be your son, and you’ll always be my dad.”

He went to China with us this April when we adopted his little sister Katie, and he likes to introduce her as “my baby.” He told many people in China that he is now a “gege” (Chinese for big brother) and also let them know that “I was from China, but now I’m from Oklahoma!”

blogpicOn this Father’s Day (as I do on so many other days through the year) I stop and give thanks for Love Without Boundaries (and all who work there, and all who support their programs). Without the intervention of LWB, Jaden would never have been listed for adoption, and he would probably still be in the orphanage. That is such a chilling thought! I encourage everyone to PLEASE continue supporting LWB in any possible way.

This Father’s Day is particularly special since all four of my children will be home: Laura (age 24), Mitch (age 21), Jaden (age 5), and Katie (age 2).  Jaden truly loves being a part of a family, and he has really enjoyed taking on the title of big brother in addition to also being the little brother, grandson and son.

As a parting thought, I encourage everyone out there to consider adoption.  I had no idea that I had two children waiting for me in China until I opened my heart to the idea, and I have been immensely blessed by having them home!

~Tim Sanford

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  • Tracy says:

    Btw, Jaden’s full name is Jaden Christopher Sanford. We wanted to honor LWB’s role in his life and so we gave him the name they chose as his middle name. 🙂

  • China Mama says:

    How beautiful! It makes me want to adopt again. No child should feel “alone.”