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Imagination vs. Reality!!

Close your eyes and imagine with me a teeny, tiny baby…. a little preemie who came too early. Imagine how the clothing drowns that tiny little body and how long it takes for that tiny mouth to take a feeding.

Now open your eyes and look at this picture! Can you believe this was once a tiny little premature baby? Look at her now!! This chubby little girl was sent to the orphanage as a tiny premature infant, and you can see that now she is doing great! She is a good eater and can finish her bottle within three minutes. She weighs over 12.5 pounds now! She is always happy. Our China Manager said, “She is just like a laughing Buddha.”

This is just how we like them: chubby and happy! Sometimes reality is better than imagination.

Suzanne Damstedt
Nutrition Director

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