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Improved Mobility for Hayden and Ben

Through the generosity of our supporters and the efforts of our amazing LWB team members, we were able to make a real difference in the lives of two boys with very limited mobility: Hayden and Ben.

Early this year, we became aware of an older Tibetan boy who was unable to walk and spent his life crawling. He was born with limb differences and lost his mother and father shortly after birth. He lives with his extended family members very close to Mt. Everest.

Hayden Tibet crop 3.16

We called him Hayden and asked our supporters to join us in helping him by providing funding for a wheelchair so that he could go outside in his yard. Our request for help was immediately answered, and Hayden’s wheelchair was fully funded. We asked if there was anything else that could be done for this boy and his family and we learned that, while they are poor, they have what is necessary to live.

Hayden’s family had absolutely no access to assistive devices or other modern conveniences; they simply needed a wheelchair so that Hayden could go outside safely with his cousins. Due to the extremely remote location, the wheelchair could not be delivered until late spring when the snow had melted.

We’re thrilled to hear that Hayden has his wheelchair and is enjoying the increased mobility he has because of it. Many thanks to all of you who offered your support and prayers for this boy and his family!

Ben is another very special boy in our Xinzhou foster care program in Jiangxi province. He is ten years old and has cerebral palsy. Our foster care team was very concerned when they learned that the only walker available to him simply wasn’t adequate to support him and allow true mobility. Ben spent a lot of time sitting, and we rarely saw a smile on his face.

Through an awesome chain of events, a supporter agreed to fully fund the (rather expensive) gait trainer; however, that turned out not to be necessary because the manufacturer agreed to donate the specialized walker! A local representative delivered it one volunteer who then delivered it to one of our Cleft Medical Exchange team members at the Chicago airport just before her departure for China in April.

The gait trainer was delivered, and Ben is using his new walker with apparent ease. Now that’s the smile we were waiting for!

We are so thankful to our supporters and team members for truly making a difference in the lives of many precious children in both small and very big ways. I am incredibly grateful to be part of something so special.

~Kelly Wolfe is the Chief Administrative Executive for LWB

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