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In Honor of International Children’s Day

On International Children’s Day, we celebrate the children who already bring such great joy and love to our lives, and those who are in need of love and joy. In honor of this day, we asked our readers and supporters to submit tributes to Pinterest and Facebook illustrating how their children inspire them (“Share Your Story for International Children’s Day”).  So without further ado, we present the winners of our International Children’s Day contest!

This is what family looks like.  It is not about the color of your skin, the shape of your eyes or your DNA; it IS all about love and love unconditional. Our adoption has blessed our family in so many ways.

~Lorie Bittlinger, Mother of 3, and 1 of whom was a former LWB baby.  We are forever grateful for their work.

We brought Benjamin home on Sept 9th, 2011. Here we are under the welcome home sign our boys made for us. This is our first time as a family of six. All I can think of when I look at this picture is – Pure Joy!

~Angie Weaver

We were thrilled with the touching submissions we received!  It’s clear that LWB supporters have a deep love and respect for their children and find inspiration in their strength, creativity, resilience and tenderness. You can see all of the pins that we received here.

The Bittlinger and Weaver families will have the honor of naming the next boy and girl to enter LWB programs.  Congratulations to both families, and thanks to everyone who participated in this celebration of children!

To see some beautiful photos of children in China celebrating International Children’s Day, please visit Xinhuanet.com.

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