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In Honor of International Children’s Day

Around the world, International Children’s Day is celebrated on June 1. In China, Children’s Day, or Liù Yi Guójì Értóng Jié, honors the child. This day is celebrated with something special to most children — a day off of school! There are many performances and cultural activities celebrating the child on this day.

2015030 Children's Day Tongren (6) Mateo

“Every Child Counts” is one of our key beliefs at Love Without Boundaries. Many children around the world are in need, and on Children’s Day we would like to feature a few special kids who could use someone in their corner.

Harry is a child who truly needs people on his side. His orphanage in Sichuan called us because they were worried that he had a possible intestinal obstruction. This little guy also has cerebral palsy and is blind.


Our volunteers in Shanghai went to visit Harry, and they said he loved being held and comforted. We know he must be feeling so overwhelmed by the long journey and hospitalization.

We are hopeful that we will be able to help him feel better! Donations in any amount can be made here to help cover the costs of Harry’s treatment in the hospital.

Twins Reagan and Sydney live side by side at our Anhui Healing Home. These two girls were born prematurely and found at the gates of their orphanage with a note explaining that the parents were unable to care for them. Baby Sydney was hospitalized for some time but is now reunited with her sister.

Reagan and Sydney enjoying being together

At our Anhui Healing Home, the twins will receive specialized preemie formula and plenty of love and cuddles. Sponsors will receive regular updates and photos of these tiny warrior princesses!  Sponsorship are $50 per month, but shared sponsorships of $25 are also available.  Learn more here.

Just last week, Baby Arlene came into our foster care program in Jiangxi. At just about ten days old, she is one of the youngest babies to enter our foster care program! We are thrilled that gorgeous Arlene will have the chance to be loved in a family setting from the beginning of her life.

Baby Arlene

Arlene is named in honor of another Arlene who has been a wonderful advocate for foster care for so many years and continues to work tirelessly for LWB. Our hope is that baby Arlene has the same wonderful spirit and compassion for others as her namesake.  Sponsors of $40 per month are needed to help cover the costs of Arlene’s placement with a foster family. Foster care sponsors receive monthly photos and updates and will surely enjoy watching this beautiful newborn thrive!

Meredith is two years old and attends preschool at our Believe in Me orphanage school in Huainan. Her teachers tell us that she is bright but also very shy about speaking, so her teachers loo, forward to working with her to encourage and improve her speaking abilities. 


By sponsoring Meredith’s education for $25 per month, you can ensure that she continues to receive the nurturing and encouragement of her teachers. She will also benefit from building good social relationships in the enriching environment of school, which is so essential to children living in an orphanage setting.

If, like us, you believe that every child’s life counts, please consider becoming part of ONE child’s world as a sponsor.

You will truly make a difference in their life!

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  • chinalwb says:

    Hi Beth. Thanks so much for your interest! Not all of these children are currently available for adoption, although the majority of children in our programs do have their adoption paperwork filed eventually by their orphanage. Please email our Adoption Advocacy Team at adoption@lwbmail.com with adoption-related questions. You can see some of the children waiting for families on our Facebook page in the album, “We’re Waiting for Families.”

  • Beth8811 says:

    Whee do you go to adopt these children?