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In Need of No-Nos


Our 2015 Cleft Exchange is just around the corner! In two months, 35 to 40 children will arrive in Kaifeng for their cleft lip or palate surgery. For those of you who have gone through this surgery with your little one, you know how painful recovery can be, and how helpful those little things we call “no-nos” can be.


Immediately after surgery, the arm restraints are placed on the child’s arms to prevent them reaching toward the source of their pain. In the recovery room, the children will often thrash as they come out of anesthesia, and the arm restraints protect the sensitive incision. In the days and weeks following surgery the incision is most prone to splitting back open, and arm restraints help ensure a quality repair.


If you have no-nos you could send our way to help the children while they recover from surgery, please email us at cleft@lwbmail.com. Last year, our generous donors gave more than enough no-nos. In fact, we received so many that we were able to send extras to our healing homes and partner organizations. (You also gave us so many beautiful hats and bibs that we have plenty for this year!)


If you would like to sponsor a child who will have surgery during the exchange, you can find them on our medical sponsorship page. Children like Luke, Sheri, Denver, CJ, Dave, and Ivy are currently in need of sponsors in any amount.


We thank you for your support of this trip!

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