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In the Spirit of the Red Envelope

Every Chinese New Year, we eagerly wait for our monthly foster care reports to come in. Of course we really look forward to adorable photos of children holding new toys, wearing new clothes, or beaming at the lucky red envelope in their hand.

CNY2015 red envelope

Our hearts are moved by stories of children in our foster care program celebrating as part of a family. We read about children working alongside their foster granny as she prepares traditional Chinese food and snacks for the festival and imagine the child soaking up the aroma and sneaking little tastes in the kitchen.

CNY food prep2

CNY food prep

We see children helping prepare the house for visiting relatives, often being given the honor of “sweeping away the bad luck” from the previous year.

Daniel broom 2.15Daniel helping his foster mom sweep

For some of the children in our foster care program, it’s an exciting time to travel to another city to visit relatives,

Vivienne 1.15Vivienne enjoyed her recent train trip!

play with other children in the extended family,

Isa Mateo 11.15Isa and Mateo playing with their foster mom

receive treats and new clothes for the New Year,

 Ivy with new sunglasses and a new toy

Aiden new pants CNY 1.16Aiden getting some new pants

and sit down together to a special feast.

Nichole eating2Nichole is ready to feast!

Emmerson and Max eatingEmmerson and Max dig right in.

A time of renewal, Chinese New Year signifies a time to begin a brand new year full of hope. It’s a time focused on family, food, and tradition. The children in foster care are experiencing the holiday in a special way — in the heart of their family.

Bobby 11.15Bobby and his loving foster mom

In China, red envelopes filled with a small amount of money, or hong bao, are a traditional gift to children. If you support the importance of family in the life of a child, please consider making a symbolic gift of $15 to our Foster Care program so that other children may know the gift of being part of a family.

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