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Incubators…and Much, Much More!

LWB’s Orphanage Assistance program has a remarkable story to share with you this month. A special lady named Ashley, who is waiting to go to China to adopt her daughter from an orphanage in the Guangdong province, wanted to do something to help out her daughter’s orphanage. She set out to fundraise enough to buy an incubator for the orphanage to benefit children born prematurely. She got some of her artist friends to design prints to be emailed to donors and then posted these prints and information about the fundraiser on her blog.

Children helped at Guangdong orphanage

Imagine everyone’s surprise when in just the first few days the funds for the incubator were received and donations continued to pour in. Over $18,000 was raised! In addition to the incubator, diapers and towels were sent to the orphanage. Several children were also sponsored in our healing homes, foster care, and medical programs.

What a wonderful example of one woman’s desire to help, sparking the generosity of hundreds of others… together making a real difference in the lives of children in need.

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