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John smiling in green

The first time our Foster Care Director, Arlene Howard, and I visited Liuzhi in 2011, we fell head over heels for a little boy with cerebral palsy named John.

John meeting Arlene

John’s hands were clenched tight, and he was unable to walk, but he could sit on a tiny plastic stool and scoot himself slowly around the small orphanage room. It took such great determination on his part. The entire time we were there he worked so hard to scoot himself around, following us like a little puppy to make sure we kept giving him crackers.  He was my little shadow that day, and whenever I would move  to another part of the room I would soon hear his little stool scraping along unwaveringly to get back next to us.  I think he ate about fifty of those crackers until the nannies were worried he would get a tummy ache. He was obviously SO bright and intelligent, but with his CP he was trapped in a body that just wouldn’t cooperate the way he wanted it to. Arlene and I loved him, and of course we both thought he was brilliant (which he is).

John June 2013

Thanks to our amazing volunteers, we were able to get John a walker, and he moved into our new Liuzhi foster care program as well.  It has been such a joy for me to see the progress he has made since I first met him in 2011.

Look at him walking!  No, that deserves a bigger font.


We should never, ever underestimate the determination these incredible kids have.  Every day they inspire me.  I want to thank everyone who has come together over the years to help this beautiful young boy reach this wonderful milestone.  I am sure the next time I see him, it will be me who has to keep up!

~Amy Eldridge, Chief Executive Officer

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