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International Day Of Happiness

March 20 is not only the first day of spring, but it’s the International Day of Happiness!  With not one but two things to celebrate, we thought we’d share some things that bring us happiness:

Happiness is…hot lunches and full tummies!

Our Nutrition programs in Cambodia and Uganda ensure that children in our Education programs receive a hot, nutritious lunch each day. Many children in these regions suffer from malnutrition, and so making sure their bellies are full helps them not only to grow and develop but to concentrate and learn better at school.

Happiness is…having a foster brother or sister.

Orion and Ivy both came from desperate situations in which they were truly alone. Now they’re living together as foster siblings in Cambodia and are helping each other learn about what it means to be a family!

Happiness is….meeting new friends.

Since we’ve made the commitment to living out our name, our team has visited new program sites in Uganda and Cambodia. We have received the warmest of welcomes, like the one from Grace and her friends at our Believe in Me Kabale school!

Happiness is…having the opportunity to go to school and dream big dreams.

Many children in places like Uganda and Cambodia live in immense poverty. Their daily lives are consumed with the struggle to survive, and many are left on their own while their parents work to eke out a living. We believe that education is one key way to end the cycle of poverty in which so many of these children live. Education can allow kids like Cole to dream big!

Happiness is…being reunited.

Baby Chelsea has been reunited with her birthparents! This incredible occurrence has only happened a few times in LWB history.  When Chelsea came to the orphanage, she was extremely sick. Her parents had no way to know that she was born with a really severe milk allergy, which led to acute duodenitis and anemia. As much as Chelsea’s parents tried to feed her, it only made their baby sicker and sicker. We hospitalized her and put her on Neocate, which is a synthetic formula. She also had to have several blood transfusions and IV antibiotics. But once the milk allergy was diagnosed in the hospital, she turned the corner so quickly, and she recovered in our Anhui Healing Home. We couldn’t be more thrilled for this truly HAPPY ending!

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