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International Day of the Girl

Twenty-year-old Mae is a world changer.


We met this wonderful young woman last month during our visit to Cambodia. Although Mae’s life is very challenging, she dreams of attending university next year and becoming a policewoman or social worker. Many times she has felt overwhelmed with the difficulties in her life and has wanted to quit school.

Fortunately, Mae has a mentor who believes in her:  Teacher Leng.

Leng has encouraged Mae to keep going to school, and now she teaches the younger children in the school.  In addition, she leads the MERCY Youth Group to visit children in the rural villages to teach them life skills. As you can see, she is full of joy and optimism and is a true friend to these kids!

On this International Day of the Girl, young women like Mae inspire us to do all that we can to help girls with dreams. Mae not only helps others coming from difficult circumstances with which she herself is well acquainted, but she also has dreams for herself — dreams of finishing high school and going on to university.

In order to finish her final year of high school, Mae is in need of tuition support. Would you consider becoming her sponsor?

These past few months, we have met some other incredible girls who are just waiting for someone to believe in them and their dreams for education…girls like Randi and Leila.

Randi lives in Karukoba village in Uganda in very impoverished circumstances.

Randi’s family dreams of sending her to school so that they might have an opportunity to break the cycle of poverty. We are hoping to make this dream a reality by finding sponsors to help Randi attend our new Believe in Me school in Kabale.

Thirteen-year-old Leila previously attended school 6km from her village in Cambodia but dropped out to begin working.

Unable to read or write, Leila is now attending our new Believe in Me school in Rangsei Village. We cannot wait to see the change this could have on her life!

Mae,, Randi, and Leila can be world changers as well. They are just waiting for someone to believe in them. In honor of a special girl in your life, please share this blog and consider donating to help a girl in need!

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