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Introducing Jeffrey and Ruth

Last week, our focus was naturally on the children with cleft who were having repair surgeries during our Cleft Medical Exchange. But during this time, of course, several other children with different medical conditions came into our care as well.  We want to introduce you to Jeffrey and Ruth, two new babies with anorectal malformations (ARMs) who recently came into our Medical program.


As we discussed in a recent blog about ARMs (“Announcing the Loving ARMs Healing Home“), children with this condition typically need three staged surgeries. Jeffrey was doing well with his first stage recovery until a small section of his intestine prolapsed, and his orphanage asked us if we could move him urgently to Shanghai. Jeffrey is not allowed to be given formula and must take in only electrolytes through an IV at this time. Fortunately, he is quite chubby and was well-cared for at his orphanage.


Ruth is a beautiful three-month old girl who was also born with an anorectal malformation.  She recently entered our foster care program in Qiandongnan and is settling into her new home beautifully.


She has already had her first-stage repair and is ready for the next step in her journey to being fully healed. As soon as Ruth is fully funded, she will be moved to Shanghai for surgery like Jeffrey. Then she will return to her loving foster mom’s arms to recover until she is ready for her third and final repair.

We are so thankful that Jeffrey and Ruth have received such wonderful care to this point.  They are in great shape to handle the next stage in their healing journey, but they still need sponsors to help them along the way.

We would appreciate thoughts and prayers as both Jeffrey and Ruth prepare for their life-changing surgeries!

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