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Introducing Our Home Manager

We’d like you to meet the people responsible for the smooth running of the Anhui Cleft Healing Home. So every so often we’ll feature on of them in our blog. First and foremost is our Home Manager, Zhang Ming.

Zhang Ming is the Anhui Province Regional Director and has worn many hats over the years for LWB. Among his recent jobs he has been Manager for Mobile Medical Van, Foster Care Manager & Education Manager for Dingyuan, Luan, Fuyang, & XiaoXian programs, 2006 Cleft Trip to Hefei Manager, and Anhui Children’s Hospital Liason. He has given up some of his other manager duties and is now focusing on being the Anhui Province Regional Director and the Cleft Healing Home Manager.

Caitlin, baby Jenna, Sandi and Zhang Ming

He put in many, many hour over the past few
months getting the home ready for the babies. He acted as our general contractor to remodel the home to meet the babies’ needs. He’s shopped for flooring, paint, kitchen appliances, furniture and rugs – just to list a few. He went out to pick up paint for the home in the snow storms that swept through Anhui around Chinese New Year. He coaxed workers to return early from their holidays so that the home could be ready on time. He also found all of the wonderful nannies that we now have working in our home!

When we were in China shopping for our third day in a row, I just had to ask: “Zhang Ming, do you LIKE shopping?” He was being so much more patient than my husband would have ever been! He chuckled and said shyly “Not really.” He is a little camera shy as well, and prefers to be the one behind the camera rather than in front of it. But here are a few pictures that we were able to catch him in.

Zhang Ming is married and has one son, a delightful little boy whose name was too hard for me to pronounce, so he gave himself the English name of Simba. Zhang Ming is a true asset to our program in China, and we are so grateful for hi s many hours of work helping us help the children!

Simba, with a LWB Volunteer

Zhang Ming’s wife with Jon

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