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Introducing Twins Lizzie and Sawyer

Twins Sawyer and Lizzie were born late last summer. After their parents were no longer able to care for them, they entered our Cambodia Foster Care program when they were three months old along with their older brothers Henry and Howard.

Although Sawyer is the first-born of the twins, Lizzie has him beat on size. We love her extra baby rolls!

At four months they were hitting their normal developmental milestones of smiling and rolling over. Lizzie was especially good at blowing bubbles.

In January, both twins started working on their crawling skills; by March they were pulling up to stand while holding onto things.

They both still wake up every night and make their foster mother work hard to get them back to fall asleep again.

The twins nap in hammocks and enjoy attention from their big brothers when they’ve returned from school in the afternoon, especially now that going to school is on a temporary hold due to the coronavirus.

Sawyer and Lizzie eat well. They drink a lot of milk and have started to eat mashed bananas too. Both babies are growing so fast that the family is always needing bigger clothes for them.

Before the COVID-19 closures hit the border region of Cambodia, the twins would take turns going to the market with their foster mother each day while the other twin stayed home with the foster father.

When big brothers Henry (age 6) and Howard (age 4)  first started attending school, they had a hard time leaving Sawyer and Lizzie. Henry, in particular, would rush home to the twins in tears after school. These attentive big brothers are very affectionate with their little siblings!

Both twins still need sponsorship to support the care they are receiving. Please consider sponsoring Sawyer or Lizzie’s foster care. We look forward to watching these two adorable little ones grow in a safe and nurturing environment!

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