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Irish Chinese New Year Gala

A marvellous night in Dublin celebrating the Chinese New Year also contributed to the LWB Heart appeal!

CICA – The Chinese Irish Cultural Academy children danced on stage and sang out for the children! They were accompanied amongst others by visiting artist from Sichuan Province who came to perform their own particular brand of Opera!

The acts all wowed the audience and by the show end enough funds had been made to send a baby girl for life saving heart surgery.

One little CICA girl, who was struck down with stage fright back stage, finally managed to pull herself together and belt out her song with the best of them … And why? Because she was asked “Can you do this to help save a heart baby?”

Her tears were sniffed back, her face became stoic like a soldiers, she stood up and moved to her line for curtain call. “Yes” she whispered and looked me in the eye.

“Yes I can”.


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