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Irresistible Elizabeth

In fall 2012 LWB was contacted about a toddler girl with a complex set of heart issues. Her orphanage had originally hoped that surgery could be delayed until after adoption, but low oxygen levels and repeated bouts of pneumonia let them know that she couldn’t wait any longer.


So early last year LWB arranged a “bidirectional Glenn” procedure for this little love whom we came to know as “Elizabeth.” Surgery went well, and Elizabeth was discharged to LWB’s Heartbridge Healing Home just over a year ago.

Elizabeth (2)

The nannies and medical staff would keep a close watch over this beautiful girl and help her gain the strength needed for her next surgery. The following months brought some medical complications and several hospital stays, but also a lot of love and laughs as this tiny girl’s extra-large personality emerged.


The nannies did what they could to slow Lizzie down a bit so she wouldn’t overwork her heart, but it was hard to keep this feisty girl still. As soon as heads were turned, Elizabeth would be off on her next mission of mischief. What an irresistible little stinker!


In the midst of all this fun, Elizabeth was chosen for adoption, and by early December it was time for her to join her family. Lizzie now lives in the U.S. with her parents and siblings, and her family will be with her every step of the way as additional medical care is arranged. We are all so happy for this spunky little girl and the lucky family that she joined. May they be blessed with a lifetime of love and happiness!

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