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Isaac, Filled With Joy

This month we’re continuing to highlight some of the children whose lives you’re changing when you give to LWB. Today we want you to meet two-year-old Isaac, who was born with Down Syndrome and a congenital heart defect. Isaac was just a tiny baby when he came into LWB foster care.

It’s sadly very common for babies with Down Syndrome to become failure-to-thrive in orphanage settings, so we were grateful that Isaac was able to have his very own mom, dad, and grandma to surround him with love. It’s pretty clear from the early photos of his care with LWB just how happy he was to have so much attention.

Isaac’s favorite activity was being outside in the sunshine, and all his neighbors came to love his sunny personality and would stop by to say hello when they saw him in his walker.

Isaac underwent open-heart surgery last year in Shanghai, which he thankfully came through with flying colors. He was so happy to get back to his own home and street again, though. Just look at that gorgeous smile.

Every month Isaac has continued to shine, and it continually warms our hearts to know that he lives life with such gusto. How could anyone resist falling in love with this special little boy?

Our foster care manager just delivered a new book to Isaac as a holiday treat, and the gift was met with pure delight.

If you ever wonder if your donations to LWB make a difference, we hope you’ll remember Isaac and his radiant smile. While the beginning of his life was filled with deep loss and distress from losing his birth family, from the moment he came into our hands we’ve worked to make sure he’s known the power of love and contentment.

Please give JOY this holiday season by supporting children like Isaac who’ve found themselves orphaned. We’re so grateful for your support!

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