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Isaac: LWB’s Featured Child of the Week

Isaac is a gentle and kind-hearted four-year-old. He lives at the orphanage in Huainan and attends the Believe in Me School there. Isaac’s teachers say that he participates happily and follows directions well. He is a good helper and clearly very bright. His favorite activities at school are playing with playdough and doing puzzles. Although he is shy and quiet, Isaac is a good friend to his classmates. He especially likes spending time with his best friend, Maxie. They can often be seen walking hand-in-hand.

Isaac with basketball

Isaac is quickly approaching his fifth birthday and still has an open cleft palate. This makes it difficult for him to eat and speak clearly. He will finally have his surgery during LWB’s Cleft Exchange Trip next month in Kaifeng, along with more than 30 other children. We hope that this surgery will help Isaac communicate appropriately for his age and give him a better chance at being adopted.

Isaac and several other children participating in the Cleft Exchange Trip still need sponsors to make their surgeries possible. See children needing sponsors and read more about theĀ Cleft Exchange Trip here. Your donation in any amount will be greatly appreciated.

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