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Isaac: LWB’s Featured Child of the Week

This past month a darling boy, about to turn three years old, entered LWB’s Changzhi Foster Care Program. His name is Isaac. We were tickled to learn that singing is said to be Isaac’s favorite activity. He sings whenever he doesn’t know what else to do, and it seems to suit his happy personality!

When Isaac came to us from his orphanage, he couldn’t eat on his own. However he soon learned how to use a spoon to feed himself by imitating his foster mother. He is not yet walking on his own, and we are hoping that his interest in imitating others¬†will encourage him to become more independently mobile. At the last visit by our China foster care manager, Isaac was quite engaged with the toys and books shown him and seems eager to learn.

In order for Isaac continue to flourish with his foster care family, he needs three sponsors at $35 per month. With Isaac’s charming smile and personality, we are sure that his sponsors will enjoy receiving his monthly photos and updates, while watching him develop strength and independence. Having this happy singer in our foster care program makes our hearts sing!

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