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Isaiah: LWB’s Featured Child of the Week

We are thrilled to introduce Isaiah, a sweet child who recently joined our Shunyi foster care program. Isaiah is almost two years old and has a repaired cleft lip and palate. He lives with his foster brothers, all of whom are older than him. Isaiah is surprisingly independent for his age and tries to keep up with his older brothers.

Although he is small, Isaiah is brave and likes to be involved in everything going on around him. In the mornings Isaiah joins his foster brothers for class, even though he is a little too young to fully understand what is happening. He takes a power nap in the afternoons and then likes to spend the rest of the day outside, where he plays on the playground with his family or goes for walks in the neighborhood. He also likes to play games and watch movies.

Isaiah’s foster mother says that his favorite activity is eating! He eats different types of meat, accompanied by stir-fried vegetables. Isaiah especially loves to eat any and all kinds of snacks. He has an easy-going personality and gets along remarkably well with his new brothers. Isaiah will even share his most prized snacks with them!

Isaiah is a very happy little boy who has settled comfortably into his new home. We look forward to watching him flourish in this loving environment. If you would like to make a difference in Isaiah’s life, please consider sponsoring his foster care placement. Your donation of $35 per month will make a profound impact on this young boy’s life, and you will receive monthly updates and photos showing his growth.

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