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During the snowstorms in China this past winter our Orphanage Assistance program received several donations to ‘help wherever needed’.

I would like to share with you where some of those donations went. In early March we were told Zhaotong SWI could use some help. All of the children of this orphanage are in foster homes through LWB but they were in need of some blankets and warm clothing. Using the donations we received we were able to purchase a quilt for each child (33), 93 sets of clothes (shirts and pants), 48 pair of long pants and 16 bags of cloth diapers!

The director of Zhaotong was very grateful to LWB and all the wonderful donors who helped make this possible. I think you can see how happy the ayis are in the photos and those babies look toasty warm all bundled up in their winter clothing. Thank you to everyone who made this possible.

If you would like more information about Orphanage Assistance please contact us at: orphanageassistance@lwbmail.com

Thank you!!

Kate Finco

Special Projects Director

Love Without Boundaries


‘Every Child Counts’

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