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Ita, Flying High

Kites rise highest against the wind, not with it. ~Winston Churchill


Ita arrived at LWB’s Anhui Healing Home (AHH) this past June. Just a few weeks old, she was weak and under weight. She had a rash and constant diarrhea, and her cleft lip and palate made it difficult for her to take in adequate nutrition at her orphanage.


During her stay at AHH, Ita learned important life lessons. When she cried, her nanny responded with a warm bottle, clean diaper, and a snuggle. Over the next handful of weeks, she learned to grasp toys, kick her feet, and roll from side to side, all from the personal attention and encouragement of her loving nanny. After two full months of care at AHH, Ita had gained enough weight and was declared healthy enough to undergo her cleft lip repair surgery.

Ita-3Ita, before and after cleft surgery

Six weeks after her surgery Ita was received into the arms of her loving foster family, who will teach her the important knowledge of what a family is all about. Although the wind of life was blowing directly against Ita, LWB and her generous sponsors gave her kite the string to fly high.

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