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It’s a Family Affair

One normally thinks of running a marathon as an individual endeavor, but for two of our runners in the Marine Corps Marathon (MCM), it has turned into a family affair.

The Conard and Corley families have six TeamLWB runners participating in the MCM 2009 events on the weekend of October 24 and 25 in Washington, DC. Two family members will be running in the Marathon, two in the 10K and two in the kids’ Final Mile event. Not only will they be running a combined 66.4 miles while they are in Washington, DC, but they will be travelling 1400 miles, some by car, in order to do it!

Shawn Conard (seen in the above photo) ran with TeamLWB last year. His brother-in-law, Gaylon Conard, travelled with him as support, and then his wife, Gayley, flew in to surprise him. Gaylon loved the weekend so much that he decided to join our team this year. Gaylon’s wife, Heather is running the 10K along with their nephew Ian. Gaylon’s daughter, Maya, will be running the Kids Final Mile with her cousin Timothy.

Gayly Conard will not be running but has certainly been working hard too. She has been successfully brainstorming very creative fundraising ideas for their team. One week, she baked and sold EIGHTY DOZEN cinnamon rolls!!! She will be cheering from the sidelines with their four young children, two of whom are adopted from China. They will also be joined by several other adoptive families who are all so excited about this weekend as a way to help support the children we care for in our Healing Homes.

The Conard Family — Gayly and Shawn and their Children

I am thrilled to see this event grow to include family and friends. That’s what this is all about — sharing our love and passion for these precious children who have no families to call their own. If you live in the Washington, DC area, please come out to cheer our team on the weekend of the race and visit our tent in the Charity Village for post-race celebrations. If you are interested in participating, there is still time to join our team although the registration deadline is fast approaching. You can find out more about the race and our team members by visiting www.TeamLWB.com. I have loved reading about each of our TeamLWB members and their motivation for running. They are truly an inspiration.

Thank you to each and every team member and to all who have supported them through your sponsorship!

Sandi Glass is The Healing Homes Director for Love Without Boundaries Foundation. She lives in Virginia with her husband Ben and their very active family. She is soon to be the lucky mom to 9 – Brian (25), Caitlin (23), Patrick (20), Kelsey (17), Matthew (9), Emma (8, Jinan, PRC), Kevin (7, Guilin, PRC) and (not soon enough) David (12) and Leah (10) waiting in Beijing.

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