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Jack: A Winter’s Song

Jack is a college senior in our Guangdong Secondary and Higher Education program, busy striving to improve himself while trying to figure out his place in the world.


He recently took time away from his studies to share with us a few insights into his life. Though Jack used to picture himself diving into the fields of arts or science, he says he now finds himself lured by the prospects of business. Through his studies in business classes, Jack reports, “I’ve learned to treat others with respect, actively communicate with others, and help others in their studies.”

Additionally, Jack is part of a student group that recently delivered a speech about electronic businesses, researched the company of KFC, and created an online shopping system. Although Jack admits that he needs to work on his leadership skills, he feels that his personal attributes have come a long way, stating, “I feel like I put in a lot of effort… I feel like I’ve learned humility, social etiquette, how to properly dress, to be proactive, to be more generous, and to be friendly.”


Jack is currently facing the daunting task of finding the right job after graduation. He has interviewed at several companies but feels that his physical disability has prevented the prospective employers from seeing his true potential. Nevertheless, Jack is excited about his future and is pursuing the idea of starting his own business. He has joined a business startup team with fellow students and is optimistic and determined but also realistic in the fact that starting a business will be difficult. He says, “The students on our team all have very strong leadership and networking skills. Starting a business is risky, and we might not succeed for a few years. But our motivation is good, we want to provide safe and healthy foods to everyone! We are creating our own brand, integrating culture into food. Whether it’s material or energy-filled foods, we will strive to be the best!”

Jack wrote the following poem to share with us:

Winter’s Song

A winter’s morning
The silent front yard
The rising sun
Gives off soft rays of light
I allow the chilling wind
Its merciless abuse
The gentle sunshine
Can’t protect
The frozen earth
The people curled up in bed
Dream cozily
Birds in their broken nests
Wake up early
To make breakfast for their children
If your heart still beats
Even if it’s nearly frozen
Still as warm as it once was

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