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Jack: Breaking the Silence

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in a world of silence? Six-year-old Jack doesn’t wonder because he was born profoundly deaf.


Jack uses hearing aids and, together with his foster care mother and his teachers, he is putting in the hard work to develop intelligible speech so that he can communicate verbally with his peers and others. He is doing really well!


Being deaf does not mean living quietly or in silence; quite the contrary. An apt nickname for Jack would be “Action Man.” He loves to be physically active and to play both inside and outside with his classmates and his foster siblings. He particularly enjoys wrestling with his brothers and anyone else who is willing to take him on and have some fun. Not surprisingly, he is a fan of television action heroes, and he enjoys imitating some of their moves.

More recently Jack has taken to jogging the streets of Kaili with his foster mother, which not only bonds them closer, but helps him expend some of that wonderful energy with which he is blessed.


Smart and curious, Jack enjoys electronic gadgets and making models. Were he allowed, he would happily spend hours playing an electronic game, being absorbed in a fantasy world, or carefully piecing together a Lego model helicopter or plane. Jack goes to school and he enjoys his time there as he gets the opportunity to learn and to play with his classmates. However, he is arguably happiest at home, spending time with his foster family reading books, watching cartoons, and playing games with his foster siblings.

Jack loves his family and loves being actively involved in life, breaking the silence in ways that work best for him.

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