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Jack: From LWB’s Education Program to Life Skills Camp

In 2014, a boy named Jack entered our education program in the Lanzhou orphanage.

Jack was nine years old and suffered from hearing loss due to an ear malformation. When he first joined our school program, he was a bit mischievous and didn’t always understand the rules of the classroom. However, his teachers were so proud that he quickly caught on to how things worked and was often the first to raise his hands to answer questions. His favorite class was music, and he enjoyed touching the instruments.

Sadly, Jack never had the opportunity to be adopted. Now 14, he will live in the Lanzhou orphanage until he gets older and either chooses to further his education or go to work.

As Jack never had a family of his own, we would like to stand with him and send him to our upcoming Life Skills Camp, beginning August 4 in Beijing. Orphaned teens like Jack from nine different orphanages around China will converge on their country’s capital, many of them leaving their home town for the very first time. Campers attend class sessions on topics such as etiquette and social skills, alcohol and drug use, self-esteem, sex education, money management, online safety, and self-defense. Jack and the other campers will also have the opportunity to take field trips to important Chinese cultural sites, such as the Great Wall or the Forbidden City. Through these experiences, we hope that Jack and the other camp participants will gain friendships with other young people who shared a similar childhood and begin building a foundation for their futures.

As of now, Jack (who is now known as Xing) is not yet fully sponsored for Life Skills Camp. Each camper requires two sponsorships of $375 each to cover the cost of attending camp. Costs include transportation, camp shirts and hats, meals, lodging, field trips, class materials, and more. Please consider a donation and make a difference in the life of an older orphaned teen like Jack.

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