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Jack Has Graduated!

Since 2011, LWB has been helping an impoverished student from Guangdong province named Jack.  In his initial letter to us back in 2011, he wrote:

I do not know how to write a letter in English, but to start, I want to say thank you! If my grammar or vocabulary seems foreign, please forgive me. God bless you, for you are a good man or woman.  Would you like to know my story? Though I know little about you, I want to share. When I was three years old, I fell ill with a terrible sickness. My parents went to many hospitals,but no doctors could help me. Finally, my family gave up. As a result, I cannot stand up or walk like other people. I have to use my hands to  walk. I recently discovered that my disease is called polio or infantile paralysis.


Jack’s parents are rural farmers, and two of his older brothers stopped school at the junior high level in order to help earn money for the family. College tuition was beyond their means, so LWB was honored to be able to help Jack achieve his dream of attending university.

We are so happy to let you know that last month, Jack graduated from college with a degree in computer science!  He sent us some lovely graduation photos. Here he is in the front row with his class.


Jack’s family lives in another town and was not able to attend his graduation ceremony. His friends from college helped him celebrate this achievement, however!


The odds of Jack being hired in China with such a profound disability are sadly quite small. He told us that he is very worried he will have to leave his dorm before he finds a job, so we hope a company will be open to giving him a chance.

Jack2We want to thank everyone who played a part in helping Jack earn his college diploma.  We know you will join with us in hoping he finds a job very soon.  Way to go, Jack!

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